About Us

Our current team consist of DCHS Juniors and Seniors. Seniors Jaxon, Marcus & Michael, will be graduating this year and moving on to college, but they plan to stay involved in the Stringy Things operations and mentoring the incoming interns from INCubator 1.

Michael – I am a senior at Dundee-Crown High School. I am in my second year as a business incubator “entrepreneur” student. This year I am working as the CFO on the business team: Stringy Things. Stringy Things is a company to prevent hoodie strings coming out of their hoods.

Chase- I am a Junior at Dundee Crown High School, This is my 2nd year in INCubator and am a part of Stringy Things, As a new hire of Stringy Things I bring a lot of experience in marketing and product development. I enjoy being in the entrepreneur trail as well as being in a real business environment.  I am the CSO. I play Soccer and Lacrosse in my free time as well as volunteering at church.

Jaxon – I am a senior at Dundee-Crown High School. I am in my second in the INCubator program. I wanted to take this class and join Stringy Things to learn more about entrepreneurship and what is like to really start and run a business. I am the CMCO for Stringy Things so I talk to other businesses about Stringy Things and if they would like to buy our product. I am also our first representative for customer service so if you have any questions or concerns just give me a call.

Doug – I am a junior at dundee crown high school, this is my 2nd year in the incubator program and I am the CEO of Stringy Things. I like to spend my free time with friends and playing basketball. What I plan on doing for this company is to work towards having our products in all of the schools spirit wear booths, in our district. The goal that we have established for this company is to be in all of the schools in our district and to be selling our product through the spirit wear shops.

Marcus – It will be my final year in high school, its is my 2nd year in incubator class

Harsh- I am a Junior at Dundee-Crown High School, I am in my second year in the Incubator program. My personal interests are things such as sports and music. I joined Stringy Things as a COO to help further this Company’s vision to serve a dual purpose of helping fix a problem while looking trendy at the same time. My goal is to help further this company and learn more about Entrepreneurship as I continue with the Incubator program and furthermore in life