INCubator Program

Authentic entrepreneurship experience
The INCubatoredu program offers students an authentic entrepreneurship experience. In this program, students have the opportunity to create and fully develop their own product or service with the help of real entrepreneurs and business experts.

Students are Taught by a Team
The “team” is comprised of volunteer coaches, mentors, and the classroom teacher. Coaches provide authentic business expertise in a specific area. They come into the classroom for a short period of time (2-5 days) to provide all students with a real-world context for a specific curricular area. Mentors are assigned to one team and follow them through the entire process providing students with feedback and encouragement. 

Authentic, Real-World Learning and Hands-On Problem Solving
Over the course of the two semesters, students work in teams and learn by doing. They develop a business model canvas, gain market input on a minimum viable product, and iterate all elements to improve their business plan. The program culminates with a pitch to “investors”. 

Blend of Lean Startup Process with Foundational Business Topics
Required reading for the course is The Lean Startup by Eric Ries, which teaches entrepreneurship through innovation and trains students to learn what is working and what is not working in their businesses. Other suggested readings on the Lean Startup process include Running Lean by Ash Maurya, Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder, and Why the Lean Startup Changes Everything by Steve Blank – Harvard Business Review.